THANKFUL FOR… | Cool Thanksgiving Wedding Inspiration + The Prettiest Gold Dress + Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes I Love


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  Pretty big deal in these parts.

Walmart didn’t get the memo. {Continue reading…}

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FORTUNE COOKIE PINATA WEDDING? + SARAH SEVEN WINNER | Enge + AJ | Ohhhhh goodness I loves this post.

First things first: OMGOD, I’m so glad the naming ceremony went over well with you guys yesterday.  Because I was seriously scurrrred.  And I ain’t never scurrrred, like so many rap stars, so, yeah, THANKS FOR LIKING IT.  And by the way, we kept the “McPuppyPants” part for you guys. :)  I’ve been using it for so long on here that approximately a lot of you became pretty attached to it!  So that’s for you, ’cause you rule.  Tee hee.

Ok, now listen up… sometimes, a wedding comes along that speaks to the very essence of what you believe in when it comes to celebrations of love on a grand scale.  Actually that’s wrong; sometimes should be “all the time,” because that’s how I feel about every dang wedding that finds its way to the front page of TKB.  But I’m singling this bambino (tee hee) out, because Matt sent it over based on a mutual love of pinatas and fun, which he discovered after reading this little old post.  Random?  Right now, to you, that sounds random.  No doubt.  But you’ll catch my drift in a few. {Continue reading…}

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SEQUINS, BEADS, POINTELLE & LACE | afternoon post nugget while I’m at Bridal Market | Cream, beige, ivory and white frocks for you… or your bridemaids! Plus, a pupdate.

HAPPY MONDAY, LOVELIES!  I’m spending much of today getting my Bridal Market on, but you didn’t think I was gonna go without posting on this finest of fine Mondays, did you?  Because that would be ridic. {Continue reading…}

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SARAH SEVEN DRESS GIVEAWAY | … Believe it. {Potentially our raddest fashion-focused giveaway ever?}

*This contest is now closed*

THIS IS HAPPENING. {Continue reading…}

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{#1} THE BEST BOUQUET SHOT IN THE WORLD + SECRET 1 | Something happened this wknd. Something big.

Happy Monday, guys!  OMG SO MUCH HAPPENED THIS WEEKEND.  It depends on how you measure it, but more has happened to/for us this past weekend than, potentially, ever, in our lives together.  Wowzas.  That’s some big talk, eh?  Yeah.  And I have a feeling you guys might have a clue as to the news, so I’m accepting guesses in the comments.  (If you actually guess it, I’ll be pretty shocked.  I don’t think I’ve really hinted all that much to it, since it was sort of an unexpected event for us, too… ok I’m gonna stop because the more I talk, the more I tend to give away…)

Now, even though we’ve been in the mindset for such an event for quite some time, I think, kinda randomly, that show I mentioned on Friday was the impetus… {Continue reading…}

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TOP 10 COUNTDOWN | Editor’s Notes on Style and Other Randomness | What you wear DOES matter, actually.

I get that that title doesn’t make any sense.  If you come here often, you know that my blogging attire is usually comprised of yoga pants and one of the honey’s many Bar Mitzah tees.  And that’s if I’m wearing anything.  Joke.  Too many windows in this apartment, and our neighbors don’t have blinds altogether, which is weird to me, but more importantly, means I can’t nude it up in my own home.  Thrills of working from your home office out the window.

Moving on… I have a few redonkulous things to share with you {Continue reading…}

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SARAH SEVEN COLLECTION PREMIERE | “Mrs Black” | Plus, a Sarah Seven Giveaway is coming. Nope, not kidding.

{You’re a purty dress, aren’t you.  Yes you are!  Yes you are a purty dress!  Coocheecoocheecoo!}

Happy Friday, friendlies!  Are you sitting down?  … {Continue reading…}

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FASHION SPOTLIGHT | Kirribilla | Bridesmaid dresses that have stolen my heart… and they’re about to steal yours, too. Also, the story of what happened to us last night. >:(


If you follow on Twitter, you know we’re doggysitting my cousin’s scrumptious boxer this week.  Awesome!  Yes, I know this.  We’ve done it before, and it always works out splendidly – he drops the cutie-pie (dog’s name is Apollo; my cousin has a healthy level of personal confidence) off at our place, and he proceeds to have a positively brilliant time working out and shedding those few extra pounds my Aunt and Uncle have added to his diet by *loving* him with treats and such.

HOWEVER.  {Continue reading…}

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WEDDING DRESS OBSESSION | Sarah Seven | A gown more meaningful than any other.

Today’s dress spotlight falls on a designer so many of us in the world of weddings have come to admire, not just for her unique and skillful approach, but also for her strong commitment to the causes of ruffles, whimsy and the female silhouette.  I’ve brought dresses of hers to your eyes in the past… but today, well, today’s different.

Today, I give you Sarah Seven’s very own wedding gown… the Everthine.

Like it?  Love it?  Want more of it?  You’re in luck… {Continue reading…}

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I ♥ YOUR PROPOSAL STORIES! (Also: promoting the blog & more wed obsessions!)

More on that loveliness in a few…


(Note: stories still being accepted)

Ok, so let me just say that the response to this has been AMAZEBALLS.  (Thank you, Michelle Ward, for turning me on to that one, by the way.)  I mean, I knew you guys would be into it, and I also knew you all had some pretty amazing stories to tell, but HELLO.  My inbox is flooded with heartwarming, well thought out, totally surprising, totally inspiring proposal stories that had me sitting on the edge of my seat yesterday with a tissue box at the ready.  And I have to say – the most surprising thing of all, so far?  The stories that have come in from the guys out there.  I don’t know how you came upon the site, where from or who recommended you visit, but I am SO GLAD YOU FOUND ME.  Because your proposal stories/photos/videos are RULING.  And by the way?  The stories I’m getting from all my females out there are equally as awesome – please don’t get me wrong, ladies.  I just felt compelled to give a z100 shout out to the fellas submitting their love-laden stories to the blog.  I didn’t expect it and it has made my year!  (Seriously, just wait until you read/see/watch these things.  I cannot wait to share them all!!!)

* * *


Fun fact: the fiancé has been mostly a back-end guy (SHUT UP) when it comes to the site here.  However, recently he’s been trying his hand at a little TKB promotion.  He asked me some time ago for a handful of my business cards, with the intention of handing them to engaged girls near his workplace.  Every day he says he sees ladies with huge rocks on their fingers and he calls them all “missed opportunities.”  (In a business sense, not a nailing sense, obvs.)  He’s really serious about this, and because I admire his business sense, and have always felt I can trust his public and interpersonal appropriateness, I thought, hey, why not?  It’s not my first choice marketing approach, but he certainly wasn’t reinventing the wheel.  Well, last night I saw him in action…

Scenario one: He spies a young woman with a ginormous engagement ring.  STOPS in the middle of the crosswalk.  RUNS TO CATCH UP WITH HER.  She’s listening to music and walking briskly.  Taps her on the shoulder and somewhat smoothly shoves the card in her face.  RUNS AWAY FROM HER AND BACK TO ME.

Scenario dos: notices a young couple sitting a couple tables away from us at dinner.  Asks me: “can you tell if she’s wearing just an engagement ring, or both an engagement ring and a wedding ring?”  Me: “Why.”  Him: “You know why.”  I’m already a little wary of what’s about to go down, but I decide to go along with it, and I peer over to check her finger.  It’s dark, I’m half-committed to the operation anyway, and so I can’t make out anything.  Me: “Can’t tell.”  Him: I THINK IT’S ONE… I’M GOING FOR IT…”  Me: “No… wait, WHAT?  No… ok fine.”  (He’s already up when I say ok fine.)  She gets up, he asks her if she’s engaged or married… WEIRDED. OUT.  She says, “umm… I’m married.”  He still gives her the card because how weird would that have been if he just walked away from the scene?!  Card wasted? check.  Girl sufficiently weirded out? check.  Valiant, if misguided, effort by the fiancé? check.

I took the remaining cards back.  Actually, I didn’t have to say anything – he handed them over.

I am rethinking this approach.  But even more, I’m waiting for these girls to leave comments on the blog.  I expect they will go something a-like a-this:

“umm, hi alison, I like your site, I’m glad some random dude accosted me on the street/while I was enjoying dinner with my husband in a restaurant and shoved your card in my face.  I know I gave him the dirtiest of looks when he turned around, but your business card is kickass and I just had to visit.  So all in all, a win-win!”

* * *

And now, since it was such a big freaking hit yesterday:


Remember that headgeartastic shot I threw in at the top of this post?  Here’s some more amazing amazingness, from Andrea and Marcus of Tag7 Photography

And a lil more…

Headpieces: Twigs & Honey
Dresses: KirstieKelly Bridal Sarah Seven
Shrug: Elizabeth Dye
Hair & Makeup: Erin SkipleyLauren Napier


Ok, I’m about to g0 heavy on the Tec Petaja love today, because, well, he is phenom.  So here we go…

Yep, he took this shot:

Satin belt: J. Crew / “Julianna” Dress: Christos / Photo: Tec Petaja / via WeddingBee


Here, by the way, is the Julianna in all its runway glory:


Watermelon Moon Farm- Lebanon

Obsessing over that sweet lil white frock she’s sporting.  Obsessing.

Watermelon Moon farmJoy Thigpen EnvironmentsOncewedLiz AgricolaB. Hughes


Details- Part II

Quick reminder that Father’s Day is June 20th this year.  So if you’ve got a Hubby or Popsicle (that’s what I affectionately call my Dad; yeah, you can steal it) who deserves a little special treatment, DO SOMETHING for him.  No pressure.  But keep in mind the fact that the World Cup games may be slightly more important to the man than family time in a cabin upstate.  Just sayin’. She learned the hard way.

xoxo!  -Alison

I almost forgot to ask: what are your thoughts on today’s obsessions – any standout faves?  And if you don’t feel like talking about that, then what are your plans for Father’s Day, if any?

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RECEPTION DRESS LOVE ♡ { Sarah Seven } Skyyyy rockets in flight, swisssss dot delight!

In. Love.

This is my perfect reception dress.  PERFECT.  BAR NONE.  (As far as today goes.)

… And I know that title was Lame with a capital You Are a Dorkus, but I’m in a lame state of mind.  And I recently watched Anchorman for the 40th time.  So that’s what that does.

By the way, if you liked this post, you may love this one.

Photos: Brandon Witzel Photography Blog // Dress: Sarah Seven

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{ DRESS LOVE } Sarah Seven will dress you up in heaven…

I’m really starting to fall for this dress-making diva, Sarah Seven.  She’s a force in the industry, and her unique, super feminine frocks have been speaking to me, lately.  Volumes.  With their frills and folds, their taut waistlines and flirty, unfinished hemlines, her creations have the unique femininity sought after by so many brides, let alone women in general.

I’m curious, what do you think of these frocks?  Do they fit your style?

By the way, if you like what you see here, you can visit Sarah Seven’s Etsy shop to check out what’s available!

Photos: Sarah Seven

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