REAL BOUDOIR | A boudoir trend for the artists, and for the shy…-ists? | Photography By The Boudoir Vixen

Hey it’s me.

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Love all of this...

REAL BOUDOIR | You can sex it up like Rihanna… or you can class it up like Ninya. But one thing’s for sure… today, a baggy sweater has NEVER. LOOKED. HOTTER.

So.  Rihanna’s got a new single.  It’s called “S&M.”  I feel like I should be shocked by this title but really, at this point when it comes to Rihanna, I’m sort of used to the blatant sexuality of her every move.  But the video.  The video shocks me a bit.  Not a video to be watched at work, which is why I’m not placing it in this post.  I just did you a solid.  :)

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Love all of this...


↑ That shot’s pretty damn exemplary of what I have in store for you in the near future.  If you think that’s hot, just wait ’til you see what I’ve got coming… ↓

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Love all of this...