“KEY TO MY HEART” DIY PINK & BLACK WEDDING | Bakers twine, antique knobs, black bows, paper straws and a baby in a fedora… + DEAR TKB: Should I fake my look, or keep it real, on my wedding day?

(↑ This wedding is giving me a contact high.)

BE WARNED: Menstruation makes for emotional blog posts.  So if you are related to me, or have an *outtie* instead of an *innie* in that region about five inches beneath where *innies* and *outties* are typically used to reference a part of the body, then you’ll probably want to stop reading right around this point.  Like now.  Because it’s gonna get sticky icky icky.  Ok?  Stop reading.  Stop.  Stop it.  Leave the site.  (I’m serious, Dad.  You don’t want any of this.  I love our relationship, and I love that you care enough about me to read my blog… now let’s not ruin it all with something like this next sentence that YOU NEED TO NOT READ.)

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Love all of this...