The Hostess With the Postage

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly looking for perfect ways to embed your personalities and the special little details of your relationship (that “stuff” that adds up to make the two of you so freakin’ adorable and/or awesome!)  into the important moments and design points of your wedding.  Well, if you consider yourself the kind of bride who (a) would rather stay true to herself than adhere to any debilitating standard, and (b) has an undying passion for all things “The Simpsons”… well then LOOK NO FURTHER!


Still here?  Ok, so it looks like you could be into it…


… Now, if you’re still reading, then one of two things is going on here: you  L O V E  this idea, it’s that one perfect detail for which you’ve been searching, or… you just need a little eye candy to distract you from your work today.  Well, don’t we ALL!  If you’re the latter, then you might want to check out THIS colorific category – go ahead, I think this is what you’re craving.  It’s a wonderland of imagery that’ll make your brain all happy and peaceful.  (Well, it makes my brain feel that way, and I’m sensing you and I are at least a little alike.)

However, if you’re the former… and you feel that these stamps were practically made for you (just take a look again, to be sure, because it would be quite a unique move here, my friend)…


No, wait… I should show you this one:


Yeah, so that’s the most extreme image of this line.

If Homer didn’t make you flinch, then these specialty stamps may be just perfect for you and your hubby-to-be.  Sorry, I hope I wasn’t insulting you; I just always want to make sure that you lovely brides are happy with your choices… and that drive to make sure gets waaaay stronger when we’re considering something like cartoon character postage!!!  My ultimate goal is for you to be pleased as punch that you chose what you did… 30 years down the road.

Where to buy: the USPS online store

These stamps I can get behind, with some coaxing.  Just promise me one thing…


You won’t use matching envelopes.

Love all of this...