DRESS WINS vs DRESS FAILS + DEAR TKB: My Sister’s “Fiance” Is Pissing Me the Eff Off. | Plus, A Severe Ice Cream Styling Fail & Bambino’s Glamour Shot Is a 4 at Best.

Hello there, my pretties.  It’s a lovely Wednesday evening, a little before 8pm in nyc, and after proofing her post, mama’s pretty sure she’s gonna need to start things off with a fair warning:

This is quite likely the most insane out of hand post I might have ever written.  And I’ve written like 600 posts.  Just know that the tone was set by today’s reader question, so do blame her.  Or don’t.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the weirdness that lurks beneath this preface.  Also keep in mind that I had some paranormal television channel action going on in the background, completely without knowing it.  It’s really pretty naive to think that it didn’t have an impact on the prose ahead of you.  Anyway, just, I dunno, read with caution, and your anti-anxiety pills at the ready maybe.  ENGAGE THE WEIRD IN FIVE, FOUR, THREE, silent two, silent one…   {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...