What Barely-Clothed Version of a Celebrity Will You Be Dressing As This Halloween? Plus: OMG,You Guys. There Are Halloween-Inspired Shoots That Don’t Suck!

Good evening, friends!  Happy almost Halloween!  Though not so happy for me.  *cue the violins*

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Love all of this...

PERSONAL + DEAR TKB: “My first marriage was a sham… I feel guilty.” PLUS: My Issue with HGTV’s House Hunters.

This past week has been a toughie.

I could really go for some Dawson’s Creek repeats right now.  I think Katie and Suri would agree with me.  Actually- serious question: wtf is the hold up on the Dawson’s Creek repeats.  Why can I not yet realize my loftiest dream of watching back-to-back episodes of DC whilst Bambino and I inhale veggie chips on top of my covers alone in the dark?

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Love all of this...