REAL WEDDING | Erin + Greg | A twinkling, shabby chic Alabama wedding with chandelier mason jars and meaningful floral choices, by Simply Bloom Photography


We’ve got a super gorgeous Valentine’s Day free printable AND giveaway coming up (!!!), but we thought we should kick off the week with a ridiculously pretty wedding… mainly because this is a wedding blog, not a Valentine’s Day blog.  And it’s easy for we bloggers to lose sight of that during the holidays.  You dig?  Awesome.  But first, a story, obvs

We started the always enjoyable and not at all frustrating process of moving into our brand new apartment over the weekend (FYI – it’s AWESOME), and we couldn’t be more excited about the whole thing.  If you follow on Twitter, you’ve heard a bit about the shenanigans we experienced at the hands of our former landlady.  … But if you didn’t, let me just get you up to speed: our old landlady hosted what essentially amounts to an estate sale of our belongings while we were in transition between homes (you may know this concept by its more commonly used street name, *stealing*).  {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...