BRIDESMAID GARDEN PARTY INSPIRATION | How to Have an Outdoor Garden Party, Indoors + Freixenet Bubbly Giveaway!


Want to have an outdoor party, but the weather’s lousy?  NO PROBLEM.  Here’s a hack… sort of.

One of the most coveted styles of party these days remains the outdoorsy, woodsy, greeny, lush and naturey look (I definitely just made up some words but whatever).  That usually means: wood elements, at LEAST a few succulents because SUCCULENTS ARE EVERYTHING, other types of plant life, generally a rustic vibe and – because who doesn’t love it – a bit of gold speckled throughout.  Not too much, because that’s tacky.  But just enough.  By the way I might have thrown in a bit too much gold.  Hopefully it’s not tacky, though.  Sorry I LOVE GOLD.

Featured in today’s shoot are some sharp mini cava bottles, because – cool giveaway alert - Freixenet is doing a giveaway of their adorably packaged sparkling bottles.  Would you like to win 125 beautiful little mini bottles of Freixenet bubbly, plus a ginormous Memory Magnum bottle as well, to use on your wedding day, all for the low low price of free?  The appropriate answer is who wouldn’t.  So yeah if you’d like a shot at winning one of six of these prize packages, pop over to Freixenet’s All Love Sparkles sweepstakes, which is taking place over on their facebook page.

30 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

Now, as I was saying — while we’d all like to have a lovely little garden party outside, sometimes that just doesn’t work out.  Depending on where you live, it’s possible your only viable option for parties may be indoors!  In other cases, the weather for an entire week leading up to your party day could be full of sunshiney rays, and then BAM, rain all day.  Huge bummer.

Not so fast.  It doesn’t have to be a bummer!  I decided for this shoot I’d show you guys how to have that coveted outside garden party look, indoors, if the weather just isn’t cooperating.  Stupid weather, doesn’t it know who you ARE? :)

I really wanted to show you that you can still have the garden party of your dreams, even on the dreariest of days!  I DIY’d a crapload of the things you’re about to see, like these terrariums in lightbulbs for example:

11 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

… so lemme know if you’d like me to share how to at some point later on the blog.  Aright, to the pictures…

-13 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

1 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

0 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

35 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

36 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

37 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

38 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

Yes, that’s a Pez dispenser spray-painted gold.  Because why not?

40 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

42 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

44 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Party Inspiration Freixenet

4 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

5 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

6 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

That little golden cake is an eraser!  Just another little favor for your bridesmaids to take home.

7 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

8 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

9 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

10 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

11 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

12 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

Lovely little botanical-inspired notebooks from Rifle Paper Co., again, for your lucky bridesmaids to take home!

14 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

16 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

17 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

18 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

Watch out, btw, if you decide to introduce wildlife in your indoor styling… they may steal your treats..

19 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

21 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

22 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

23 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

24 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

26 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

27 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

29 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

30 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

31 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

32 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

33 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

34 DIY Rustic Woodland Bridesmaid Garden Party Inspiration Freixenet

TKB fleur

Remember, if you wanna win one of those enormous prize packages, enter here, friendlies.  You get 125 beautiful little mini bottles of Freixenet bubbly, not to mention a ginormous memory magnum bottle as well, all for you to use on your wedding day.  What’s not to love about that :)

What do you think of the inspiration today?  I’m no professional, but I did my best!

xo, Alison

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SUCCULENT DIY + MR ROGERS | Modern Golden Succulent Vases by Renee + My Shameful Sunday Night.

You guys, I watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale Sunday night and OMG, I cannot.  OMFG what was that.  Did you watch it (admit it so we can talk!)?  I didn’t know if I was supposed to be judging a pageant or jerking off to some new type of highly satisfying porn.  Is Women Annoyingly Yelling a genre of pornography?  If it isn’t then I have NFI what I ate my dinner to between 10 and 11pm.  I really think it was pornography because I was super into it while I was watching it but now that it’s over I feel ashamed/like I want to take it all back.  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.

Let’s shift gears and leave that back there, never to speak of it again as long as we live.  The following video went viral recently and if my heart were a caterpillar, this video reached inside of my chest tore out my still-beating heart and allowed it to blossom into a highly emotional butterfly, killing me.  So now my heart is a butterfly with PMS, WATCH OUT.   {Continue reading…}

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OPEN LETTER TO WEDDING TRENDS: Kindly GTFO. | Here Are The Top 10 Best NEW Wedding Trends.

Happy Wednesday, friendlies.  We’re gonna get really honest about some trends, today.  Ya dig?  I just– I gotta keep it real… hope you guys understand.

I’ve gotten more than a few questions from brides for the Dear TKB column about whether or not they should incorporate a certain trend [insert whatever specific wedding trend referenced]… or just avoid employing any trends altogether, for fear of it becoming lame say 5 or 10 years down the road.

The questions, varied as they may be, all have a common thread ==>  My answer to them.   {Continue reading…}

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DIY VINTAGE BICYCLE WEDDING | Cameron Leung Photography | Sometimes, weddings just rule. And then, a giveaway sneak peek happens! + Some Bambino face :)

As I sit here in the gorgeous afternoon sun, protected of course by window panes because I’m WORKING INDOORS, and tolerating the puffs of wind escaping Bambino’s behind as he slumbers on his day-pillow beneath my desk – puffs which, mind you, are as pungent as they are endless… I have this one thought floating around in my head, and it’s been there since Friday.  And, because I care about all of you so, so much, I feel the need to warn you guys about it. {Continue reading…}

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SUCCULENTS + LOVE | My Top 10 Most Cherished Ways to Dress Up Your Wedding in Succulents. Also, The Bachelorette & The Bambeeen.

You guys… I’m really starting to think that Ashley might not be over Bentley yet. {Continue reading…}

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NAUGHTY SHOES + SUCCULENTS | An *aggressive* Sam Edelman pump and out-of-this-world succulent decor!

Before we get to ↑ THAT insanity ↑ … as promised, here’s what I bought with the honey on a visit to Toys in Babeland…

{Continue reading…}

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Succulents and peace.  Two of my favorite things.  (FYI, that’s my guy’s hand.  The biggest glimpse I’ve granted yet!)

Alright.  A little overwhelmed here.  I feel like I have nothing of value to say.  All I can conjure is “thank you so much,” and “what an honor” and other sappiness like that.  Here’s the deal: you guys nominated me, and now THIS IS HAPPENING: I’m a flippin’ FINALIST in the Best Real Bride Wedding Blog category.  Say WHAT?!!  My excitement over this is beyond measure.  But, as I sit here trying to come up with something worth reading, my mind just keeps spitting out “duuhhhh.”

Point is, I’ve pulled up to this weird place called “a loss for words.”  You freaking people actually touched me so much that I don’t really know what to say.  Obvs., this morning’s post is going to be sort of brief, because I’m actually a little choked up right now.  I realize I’m being ridiculous – it IS just a blogger award.  But it’s like THE ONE I want, so badly.  So it gets me, it gets me right heeaaahh (points to heart).  Ok, getting on with it… I’m going to ask you a little favor: would you kindly vote for me?  If you already did, I appreciate it like crazy.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  But if you haven’t… would you?  Each and every vote makes a serious difference.  You’d be surprised.  It’s nothing at all like American elections.  Just click here, or on this wee badge, below:

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart you guys!


In other news, my sister’s pwecious wittle babies are coming into town tonight, so to celebrate becoming a finalist… but moreso general family togetherness, which is far too rare since they live across the nation, I’m planning for us all to hang in the backyard and do a little o’ this (we’ve got heaps of leftover sparklers to burn up):

Also, I’d love to try on a few of these, wouldn’t you?

And I’d to go here:

{sparklers: Elizabeth Messina / Lovely Bridal dresses: Sweet Little Photographs / beach: 20×200}

I’m gonna leave you for now with one of my favorite quotes of pretty much ever, which has nothing at all to do with anything.  It’s from my little book of everything I’ve ever loved enough to jot down.  But before I’m through, let me once again say thank you, everyone, for visiting the blog, reading the blog, leaving your incredible comments and generally ruling as humans.  If not for you, I wouldn’t be doing this thing I do every day.  (:

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth,
“You owe Me.”
Look what happens with
A love like that,
It lights the Whole Sky.
~ Hafiz


Seacrest out

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | July 2 | A Mini Wedding Dress, DIY Wedding Invites, Cake Flags, Succulent Love, a White Cake with a Red Heart Center…

Happy Friday, everybody!  How’s it goin’ m’friends?

You guys.  You know that MacBook Pro I bought expressly for the purpose of working outside and moving about in the world?  Well guess what?  I wrote this post on my iMac.  Sitting at my desk.  Staring at people who were outside on their MacBook Pros.  Yep.  And my MackBook Pro?  It was sitting in its box, with its 17″ screen, and its 10 hours of battery life.  Just sitting there, its only wish to melt my thighs with its scalding base.  (Those motherboards get far-too-hot-far-too-fast… for serious.  After an hour, I feel like I’ve been through one of those cellulite smoothing sessions you see on Dr. 90210 or that Tyra Banks show.  But, unfortunately, I don’t need cellulite smoothing on the fronts of my thighs, so lose-lose.)  Anywho!  I don’t regret my purchase whatsoever.  I LOVE MY MACBOOK PRO, like everyone else.  By the way, yes, I went crazy and got the 17 incher, as you’ve likely noted.  It’s like carrying around a small, overweight child.  I could seesaw with this thing, and I think the weight distribution would be evenly matched.  It’s kind of crazy.  When I look at my MacBook Pro, I laugh, because it is so freaking BIG.  It’s HUUUUUGE.  It’s a laptop, but truly, looks are deceiving.  I’m going to start working out so I can carry it around with me.  Ok, on to the Fab Finds!!!  (:   {Continue reading…}

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | June 18 | bouquets, DIY ruffle shirts + cakes + plant centerpieces, ring shots, bridesmaid clutches + vote!

Happy Friday, everybody!  Ok, let me just get something out of the way real quick.  May I ask a hugetastic favor?  If you think I deserve it, please take a sec to let ‘em know over at the Wedding Channel that The Knotty Bride is one of your favorite Real Bride Blogs.  (The more votes, the better chance I have of winning!)  If you don’t mind, of course.  Pretty please?  You would make my year!  Thank you like crazy!  (If you do enter me and you feel like letting me know, go for it and, of course, I’m totally writing you back and thanking you to the high heavens.  My gratefulness knows no bounds.)

* * *

Love that, right?  Me too.  It’s one of the Finds, today.  (:

Ok, let’s get going!

First off, this kind of rules.  I think it’d be such a fun little project to do at your tame bachelorette party.  Personally, if it’s strip club vs. ruffle shirt projects, I think I’ll opt for the ruffle shirt every time.  {Continue reading…}

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FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS | June 11 | Part III ~ diy succulent boutonniere!

This, right here, rocks my effing socks off.  (Does it make me uncool that a succulent boutonniere rocks my socks off?)  Regardless, it’s got to be my favorite idea for a boutonniere in AGES.  I’ve seen so many boutonnieres (I will never get used to spelling that out) and I rarely like them all that much.  Just being honest.  But this one has got it going on: it’s simple, it’s green, and it’s a succulent.  I am obseeeeeessssssssed with succulents.  And, last but not least, it’s yet another crafty and creative reason why I lurve Maddy over at Inspired Bride.

Fab Find Number 4 comin’ right up!  Just wait ’til you see THIS…

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RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR + LOVE LESSONS | birch bark centerpiece idea + a note on what we seek in our mates…

I’m really excited today because I get to share with you guys what I think is a seriously fab idea for your wedding centerpieces.

But I’d also like to tell a story today about computer love and how opposites attract, so let’s begin with story time, and then jump right back into today’s feature.  Ok, here we go… hope you enjoy!

* * *

As many of you know, I own an iMac, and I make love to it on a daily basis, for upwards of ten hours.  It’s a steamy love affair; I seem to know just the right buttons to push.  And though sometimes I worry I’m maxing out his resources, all it really takes is a quick shutdown and restart for him to feel completely recharged and ready to take me on for another go.  Of course, we have our moments but, all in all, I love my iMac and, though he doesn’t talk much (save for a thunderous roar every time I turn him on), I’m pretty certain my iMac loves me.

But my iMac is a desktop.  He keeps me chained to my desk, and I don’t appreciate it.  In fact, I’ve grown to resent it.  I need to roam free, where the grass grows and the inspiration flows.  And I want to have the option to take him along with me, should the mood strike to write a post while I’m out and about.  So recently I’ve been pondering what it would be like to have a MacBook Pro.  I have a MacBook already, but he’s from my college years and way too overworked and immature to handle my needs these days.  Plus, his battery life is crap.  He’s a three minute man.

It has taken me months to get comfortable with the idea of taking on another Mac, but, in weighing my options and my needs, I’ve determined that for me and my projects to be able to grow, I must be free to move about the cabin of life.  … and blog from there.  (–Ohhh how cool am I.)

Ok, now here’s where my significant other comes into the story (and please note ~ for today, I will refer to my significant other as “Fancy Pants McGee”  or “Fancy P. McGee” – and quite possibly F.P. McGee or FPM if I get tired – from here on out, as I see fit):

So, I told Fancy P. McGee that I’d finally broken down and decided that I do need a laptop.  I had done some research (aka, clicked one button) and found that a student discount would shave MAX $150 off the retail price of the MacBook Pro I was eyeing.  Our conversation went as follows:

FPM: That’s great! What do Anthropologie dresses cost these days?  You could probably get two for $150 – you should do that with the money!

ME: First of all, no I couldn’t.  $150 would buy me ahh dress, not two, or maybe a pair of jeans at Anthro.  But as far as the comp goes, it’s gonna cost between $1k and $2K, and a student discount will save me around $150, but I’ll still be in the hole $1500.  Not coming out on top here.  No net profit.

FPM: Yeah, no I get it, babe.  What I’m saying is you’ll have saved $150, so you should treat yourself to that much in fashions (Ok, he didn’t call them fashions, I only wish he had.  Dwight from Real Housewives of ATL has been repeating “fashion show with no fashions” all day in my head, so that’s where that came from.)

ME: I should spend the saved money?  I don’t understand.  I’ll be out $1500.

FPM: You save $150 with the discount, so you’ll have $150 left over that you wouldn’t have had without the discount.

ME: OMG.  I get it now.  This is found money to you!


This is one way in which Fancy P. and I could not be more dissimilar.  Could not.  But here’s the moral of the story: we often seek out mates with traits we wish we had more of in ourselves.  I’m a saver-to-the-max, and wish I felt comfortable parting with a little discretionary income every so often.  Kidding, I don’t have “discretionary income.”  That’s a term that entitled folk invented to feel better about buying gilded furniture and designing themed rooms in their homes instead of helping others.

But yeah, I do wish I felt a little more comfortable spending on myself every once in a while.  And that’s where Fancy Pants comes in.  I’ve tamed his ways considerably, but he’s still got that itch to spend coursing through his veins.  And sometimes, it’s not such a bad thing to let it run wild.  But only sometimes.  … like with bed purchases.  (Most of you guys know what I’m talking about; more on that in the future!)

* * *

Ok, back to the centerpieces!

Bettula is one of the many amazing vendors I encountered at Renegade this past weekend.  With Bettula, Heather Fagan has created a line of vases (not to mention other home decor, art and even jewelry) all made from repurposed birch bark.  How cool is she and how rad is that?  And how fab does it all look?

I think these vases would work so well as centerpieces.  Place flowers or plants of your choice in vases of varying heights, and you’ve got some serious eye candy for your guests to ogle while they eat.  I adore the natural ones, but those gold numbers are incredibly flashtastic if you ask me.  Of course, you’ll want to go with what works for your color scheme.

(This girl was really into the display – like, really – so I chose not to disturb her.  It’s only when I see the photos in their full glory that I realize asking her to step away for a moment would have been the wisest choice of all.  I will remember this lesson for next time.)

Like Heather’s work?  Think you might fancy the idea of using her vases for some centerpiece action?  Go ahead and check out her Etsy shop!

So, what do you guys think?  Would you throw some flowers/candles/succulents into these babies, delicately place them on your tables and call it a day?  Are they wedding worthy in your book?  Tell me the truth; I’m really curious what you think!

xoxo!  -Alison

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DIY WEDDING TO END ALL DIYS | Featured on: Style Me Pretty | Styling: Sitting in a Tree | Photos: Sarah Yates

I have to show you this, because it is a reason to live… if you look for reasons to live in your wedding blogs.  I hinted at its furious awesomeness in last week’s FFF, but it bears repeating and expanding.

The wedding of Junia and Andres, photographed by the amazing Sarah Yates, was featured on Style Me Pretty by Erin Lepperd of Erin Ever After, a very prolific partner in guest blogging crime over on SMP (not to mention, one of my favorite blogger broads)… and it is the end.  The end, my friend.  The end of any sadness, any inspiration drought you may be having, the end of suffering, the end of you doing any more work at your 9-5.  You’re done.  Because you’re going to stare at THIS for the remainder of your day.

Note: my Mom practically begged me to let her buy me those succulent candles on a trip to Crate & Barrel.  I didn’t let her because I didn’t have a need for them and because I’m crazy.  Aren’t they precious?

How much do you LOVE Erin for blogging that freaking phenomenal wedding?!!  A bushel?  A peck?  A hug around the neck?  I love her a barrel and an effing HEAP.  Thank you, Erin, for bringing me enough inspiration to last me through the weekend.  The wedding of Junia and Andres will be in my dreams – both the day and the night kinds.

* * *

Credits, courtesy of SMP:

Photography: Sarah Yates / Venue: The Woods Clubhouse, Chula Vista / Event Design and Coordination: Sitting in a Tree / Invitations and all paper goods: Andres Montano / Catering: MIHO Gastrotruck / Wedding Dress: Rosa Clara / Shoes: BCBG / Veil: made from tulle cut from dress during alterations / Groom’s Suit:  J.Crew / Tie: Band of Outsiders / Groom’s Shoes: Ben Sherman

↙ Update: it’s up!!!

By the way, you totally have to check out the rad-ass Portland, Oregon wedding feature I have going up on SMP today.  No, seriously.  No.  SERIOUSLY.  When it’s up (I’ll update this post), check it out, and then GO TO THE GALLERY.  It is sick.

xoxo!!!  -Alison

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