Double-Duty Table Decor That’ll Charm Your Guests on Thanksgiving… and Then Once More, on Your Wedding Day.

Recently, I’ve been interested in finding great ways to personalize a Thanksgiving table.  (I know, shocking!)  While searching out my favorite styles and settings, I found quite a few looks that, at least to me, seemed quite capable of serving double-duty; perfect for the holiday table, and utterly ideal for the bride who wants a fresh, chic look for her reception.  Why this is a good idea: listen, these projects don’t make themselves.  It takes some effort, on your part, and what’s better than a little reduce-reuse when it comes to your table decorations?  The only people who’ll know – not that it matters – are the guests you’ll be inviting to both events.  So make sure you tell them not to spill the beans – both by word of mouth, AND as they pass them over your centerpieces.

Here are my favorite looks for a chic celebration… whether it’s for a truly terrific Thanksgiving, or your wow factor wedding celebration.

(Note: Hover over each image for more detail.)

1 Martha Stewart's Cornhusk Votives

2 Martha Stewart's Glimmer and Shine - spray painted miniature pumpkins and a place card written in gold ink

3 Martha Stewart's Oak-Leaf Cornucopia

4 Martha Stewart's Printed Linens

5 Martha Stewart's vivid fall leaves (clipped maple sprays, from your yard!)

6 Martha Stewart's Tabletop Collage - Display autumn leaves beneath a sheer tablecloth

7 Martha Stewart's photo place cards - copy your fave photos, then glue them to card stock

8 Martha Stewart's Glowing Hurricane Glasses

9 Martha Stewart's Cornhusk Napkin Rings & Place Cards

9a. Martha Stewart's Step by Step for Cornhusk Napkin Rings & Place Cards

A. Martha Stewart's Fall Basket Centerpiece

B. Martha Stewart's basket-weave place cards

Bb. Martha Stewart's Basket-weave place cards detail

C. Martha Stewart's Feathery place setting

D. Martha Stewart's Beaded Napkin Rings

E. Martha Stewart's Ribbon Napkin Rings

F. Martha Stewart's Sleek hurricanes filled with fallen leaves

H. Martha Stewart's No-Stitch Cross-Stitch

Hh. Martha Stewart's No-Stitch Cross-Stitch details

{Images courtesy of Martha Stewart}

If you would like to try your hand at any of the above projects, click here to go to Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving Table Settings Gallery and check out her corresponding How-To instructions!


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