TRENDS + REAL TALK | 5 Chic Wedding Trends In One Inspiration Shoot! PLUS: 5 Things About Me That I Like To Keep Secret. | AK Studio & Design

Today’s my b-day.  I have no idea what to say so I decided to be honest about life and just say what came to mind.  Also I got my period yesterday, which usually means things get pretty emotional pretty fast.  So this post is two parts wedding trends and inspiration, one part deep truths from inside my soul.  Enjoy..?

1. Even though I’ve heard my significant other tell me {Continue reading…}

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OPEN LETTER TO WEDDING TRENDS: Kindly GTFO. | Here Are The Top 10 Best NEW Wedding Trends.

Happy Wednesday, friendlies.  We’re gonna get really honest about some trends, today.  Ya dig?  I just– I gotta keep it real… hope you guys understand.

I’ve gotten more than a few questions from brides for the Dear TKB column about whether or not they should incorporate a certain trend [insert whatever specific wedding trend referenced]… or just avoid employing any trends altogether, for fear of it becoming lame say 5 or 10 years down the road.

The questions, varied as they may be, all have a common thread ==>  My answer to them.   {Continue reading…}

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THE ‘FIRST LOOK’ ARGUMENT | Editor’s Notes + Photo Evidence | Why I Feel Strongly About Bucking Tradition & Grabbing That Alone Time Before Your Ceremony.

Hi darlings!  Happy afternoon to you!  Ok enough of that let’s get down to business. {Continue reading…}

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SUCCULENTS + LOVE | My Top 10 Most Cherished Ways to Dress Up Your Wedding in Succulents. Also, The Bachelorette & The Bambeeen.

You guys… I’m really starting to think that Ashley might not be over Bentley yet. {Continue reading…}

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Top 10 List of ‘Ultra Now’ Things We Adore for Weddings… and Think You Will, Too! | by Style Unveiled

Well, hello The Knotty Bride readers!!  We are so excited to have been asked to guest blog for a site we adore sooooooo much!  We thought and thought and thought about how to best use this stage to chat with all of you and decided on sharing 10 lovelies we adore :)  So, let’s get started! {Continue reading…}

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