I have to talk about what happened today. Just for a minute…


It’s 7pm and I wasn’t going to write anything else today.  Not beyond the post that went up this morning, but – and if you follow me on Twitter you know this – it got to a point where I couldn’t not do it.  I couldn’t not write something.  Here is all I was going to say the moment I decided to say at least something,

==> This is some patronizing-sounding advice but hug someone you love today.  I hugged Bambino, above.  He never hugs me back but I like to think he would if he could.  Who are you gonna hug?

But then I started watching cable news coverage because I like doing things that shorten my life expectancy.  I’m a lefty, so that’s apparently nine years deducted from my life expectancy.  Also I smoked 63 cigarettes my junior year of college, which doesn’t sound like a lot but then I tell you I {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

WHAT DO YOU THINK? | Something about Prince William’s proposal really disturbs me… does it disturb you?

First things first…

The project we’ve been working on for what feels like an eternity is finally – FINALLY – coming to your faces, next-week-style.  {Continue reading…}

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ATTENTION KNOTTY READERS: It Begins… { guest bloggers, proposal stories update + summer dress picks! }

Lynx & Leo Dress

A bunch of HUGE things are going on over the next week or two.  I shall itemize them now.

(… But I shall also pepper in my hottest dress picks for summer, because who doesn’t love that?  A good read (if I do say so myself) + the cutest dresses ever = a great blog post, in my estimation.)  Ok, DRESS PIC TIME!

Jackie Paper Dress


Item #1:

Your proposal stories are b for bananas.  I really don’t know how else to describe them.  They are just making my YEAR right now.  They are so awesome that I need to pursue a column in a wedding or style magazine where I can feature them regularly because that’s how much they rule.  And guess what?  Set your watches (my 6th grade mathlete buddies) because the series is set to start in a couple of weeks.  I know you guys are dying to see them up in lights and believe me, I am dying to bring them to your neck faces.  DRESS PIC!  … {Continue reading…}

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TwitterKeys ☛ Making ♥ Hearts, ✿ Flowers, and ☂ Umbrellas, Oh My!

While following The Knotty Bride and the rest of your friends on Twitter, you may have noticed that many of us use the occasional ♥ symbol, among a number of other neat little keyboard characters that many call, “TwitterKeys.”


{Image courtesy of TwitterKeys}

Below, I’ve written a few phrases into my Twitter text box, as an example:

(Warning: when combined in a single tweet, these phrases may go to your sweetie’s head, potentially bringing out a latent God-complex.  It is recommended that you break them up into four separate tweets, with at least 72 hours between tweets.)

TwitterKeys in action!

So, if you don’t know the trick yet, you might want to find out how you, too, can show a little extra style in your tweets…

For Mac Users:

First, click in the space where you would like to insert your symbol.

Next, go to Edit, and select Special Characters from the drop-down.  A Character Palette box will appear; choose Miscellaneous from among the list of Categories, and whoop, there it is… every neat little keyboard symbol you could possibly want is somewhere within the many categories you’ll see listed.  Once you’ve discovered the perfect symbol for your needs, just click Insert, located in the lower right corner of the Character Palette box, and voilà !

For Windows/PC Users:

This involves the ALT key, and one of the numbers on your numeric keypad (which is on the right hand side of your keyboard, not along the top).  For the heart symbol, all you have to do is hold down the ALT key and the number 3 key at the same time (ALT + 3), and you’ll get a ♥!  It’s a cake walk, people.

Using a laptop?  No problem.  Just a quick initial step, then just follow the directions above.  First, you’ll need to activate the numeric keypad, by hitting the Function (fn) and Number Lock (num lock) keys.  Like I said, once the numeric keypad is activated, you’re all set to make those symbols.

Some examples:

ALT + 1 = ☺
ALT + 2 = ☻
ALT + 3 = ♥
ALT + 4 = ♦
ALT + 5 = ♣
ALT + 6 = ♠
ALT + 7 = •
ALT + 8 = ◘
ALT + 9 = ○

There are tons more.  Just play around!

I got pretty excited over these adorable little symbols when I first saw them, and couldn’t wait to find out how to do it myself.  Have lots of fun with it – there seems to be symbol for nearly everything!

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