‘ALISON LOVES…’ SPOTLIGHT | Minted Stationery = Amazeballs. Help me choose my fave?

Happy Thursday to your beautiful faces, my darlings.  I’m kind of foaming at the mouth about this vendor so I’m just gonna hop right to it so you can catch the rabies-like excitement that’s going around this office apartment right now…

Oh, and I’m feeling especially gipperrrrr today because it’s kind of the nicest weather we’ve had in a gazillion years, and weather has this funny way of wholly determining my emotional state during that *special time* of the month.  Good times.  Good times!  Ahh-MAZING.

Ok, SO.  If you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with extremely amazeballs things within the wedding realm.  And that I don’t feature something unless I dig it, myself, and would indeed consider using it for my own wedding.  I don’t think I could STAND being a blogger if I wasn’t speaking exclusively about the stuff I love.

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Love all of this...

#1: VENDOR SPOTLIGHT | Bride & Groom + 30-50% Off Selected Items = Certain Happiness

Happy Monday, ladies and gentlepersons!  Here’s post numero one of the day for your faces… aaaand GO!

On the lookout for some stellar bespoke wedding stationery?  Well then you’ve definitely got to visit Bride & Groom.  They’re a trusted purveyor of quality invitations, save the dates and much more wedding-related awesomeness that you’re just going to have to check out over on their little island on the internet.  Go ahead, check it!  There are like a gazillion things to see over there.  If you’d like some more details about this company, we’ve got a little Q & A for you.  Have a listen!

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Love all of this...