SUMMER WEDDING INSPIRATION + BEDROOM WRESTLING | One redonk inspiration shoot meets Alison wanting to, but feeling unsure about, discussing sexy time.


There’s a shoot that’s about to slap you in the face, amazeballs-inspiration-style, and I’m moderately thrilled to share it with you in a sec.

BUT FIRST… an *issue* I’d like to address, head-on.

As you know, here at TKB I thrive on talking about all things wedding and style, throwing in a pinch of celebrity dish, anywhere from a dash-to-a-horse-trough of fashion, sprinklings of tips from myself and industry mavens and… of course… some juicy, random, ridiculous, reDONKULOUS, totally WEIRD, totally AMAZEBALLS, and sometimes super-duper-private “I probably shouldn’t share this for the sake of my family name but WHATEV, my readers they need to hear this story so they can learn from it/enjoy it/make fun of it/throw up a little bit in their mouths over it/scoff at it/hate on it/thrill over it/whisper to their friends about it/totally identify with it” bits from my personal life.  And, as you’ve likely become aware, the personal life aspect is sort of my fave part.  It’s really too much fun to make fun of yourself and tell stories about those you love on a daily basis.  And, fortunately, everyone in my life rules pretty hard and *gets* that I’m mentally jotting down interactions for zee purposes of zee bliggity.  BUT.

It’s crazy hard to know where to draw the line on one front.  Yeah it’s just one, but it’s sort of a HUGERIFIC one.   Any guesses before I reveal?  The answer, after the jump… {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...