Hey Girl, I have an extra Alt Summit ticket if you’re feeling down.

*ticket no longer avail; sorry!*

So, I’m in the rare position of having more than one Alt Summit (NYC) ticket to my name, and having to unload one of them.  I bought the second one because I know how hard it can be to get a ticket and I love lending a helping hand lol just kidding.  It’s an extra and I don’t need it.  Pretty much the way this will go is the first person to reach out – assuming payment of the total cost of the ticket is easily arranged once I’ve been able to reach out back to you – gets the ticket.

I promise I will get back to every person who writes me.

I’m truly sorry in advance to everyone who doesn’t get the extra. I wish I had a tree that bloomed Alt Summit tickets you guys :(

Click here for my contact info (write to Alison)*

*Please keep emails to under five sentences.  Sob stories welcome but will likely have no impact.

If you don’t get this one, I hope you find one somewhere else.  I would love to meet all of you at this thing, how cool would that be.


Love all of this...