Create Your Own Chic Wedding App with Appy Couple + Free Code for TKB Readers!

I had waaay too much fun putting that graphic together.  Sometimes I get carried away, you know me.  But that Bambino *ecofriendlyness badge of honor* up there?  I think I may I keep that one, for the future.

So, random story — Honey and I were on the phone earlier because he needed to know my social security number so, naturally, I asked him if he was being held at gunpoint, like all responsible identity-theft-paranoid people do.  He said we should think of a *safe word* for if that ever actually happens to one of us one day.  So after a couple seconds he said, “I got it: Wiss-can-zin.”

You guys… I was totally thinking “Minnuh-soootah.”  How weird is that?!!  What are the chances!?!

Ok, so you know what’s even weirder than THAT?  Just HOW MUCH you may not realize you need this wedding app I’m featuring today.  BING BANG BOOM SEGUE SKILLZ IN EFFECT.

The app’s name is Appy Couple, and it’s pretty much the perfect name for it because no joke, a happy couple it makes of you and your future Mr. or Mrs.  I am being completely serious you guys; this app has some of the best, coolest and most useful qualities you could imagine, if you were imagining what qualities and capabilities would be the most awesome to roll into an app made for a couple currently planning and/or about to celebrate their wedding.

Let’s start with possibly the coolest part, actually.  As a gift, we are giving away  {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...