REAL WEDDING | Melissa + Eddie | A gorgeous, fun-filled Southern California barn wedding with absolutely NO COLOR SCHEME!

Ok, here’s how this post is going to begin: yesterday, my Dad called me up to ask me a question, for he was writing an email to a friend and he needed to know something pronto: {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

FRIDAY’S FAB FINDS™ | JUNE 25 | I Need These Dresses, Perfect Wedding Heels, Free Printable Save the Daves, Lingerie, Badgley Mischka, a Mod Wedding, Music, & Next Week!

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Happy Friday, my good friends!  I hope you’re havin’ a good one so far.  Me?  Well, this week was three parts hella-busy and one part I-had-no-free-time, but also one part I-fell-in-love-with-a-new-site called “Stereomood.”  If you loooove music but you haaaaate a) having to arrange mixes that’ll fit your mood and b) having to wade through the muck only to hit your skip limit on Pandora too soon, then you’re gonna love this find.  (It’s that favorite one I mentioned yesterday.  This thing is on like all the time for me.  I lovingly refer to it as my life soundtrack.  Btw, currently obsessing over the “it’s raining” playlist.)

In other news, I’m just psyched beyond all recognition to show you the Finds I have for you today.  But first, quick recap: as most of you know, I’m going to be away for the better part of next week (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here).   {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

Inspiration Board: Yellow & Grey Amount to a Bright, White, Sunshiny Day!

About a year ago, as we were walking the streets of lower Manhattan on our way to lunch, future hubby drew my attention to a brand new residential high-rise on our left.  It was a very modern structure, and only two colors coated its walls, which were made entirely of brick.  The colors?  Grey and yellow.  The building was unlike any I had seen before it.  There was no symmetry in its design or palette, and so yellow was applied seemingly at random.  

William Beaver Building in lower Manhattan

He asked me what I thought of the color-pairing, which, he told me, was the newest thing in the way of architectural color schemes.  I certainly had an opinion on that, but my immediate reaction was to wonder during which football game this topic was discussed.  Really?  You know this how?  The random bits of trivia that fall out of his mouth never cease to amaze me.  

The reaction I voiced was to the color pairing.


It was a guttural response, and it was strong.  I could not stand it.  

Fast forward to just under a year later… 

LOVING grey and yellow!  It’s so odd how our tastes evolve, right?  

For example, about five years ago, this became totally appetizing to me… 

mmm mmm good ;)

Cook them up in a little chicken broth and I’m a happy camper.  So yeah, it’s weird how our tastes evolve.

“But TKB,” you might say, “not one inspiration board does true love make!”  And you’re right… it takes two.  Here’s the other one for your reference.  

Thinking about doing up your day in details of yellow and grey?  Here’s today’s inspiration board, hope it’s inspiring!  Below it, I’ve included a bunch of wedding-worthy Etsy finds that are sure to give your wedding that most wonderful wow factor. 


Bright, white, sunshiny day

Credits: Photography by Michael, Michelle Photography, Cake Stands by Raise the Cake, Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet, Inc., Brett Buchanan, Harper Ferguson, Jenne Hohn Events, Andre Niesing


First, I love this photo of a bride and groom wearing their colors (don’t you?)… 

Love is in the details; yellow shoes and grey trousers! {Photo credit: Jose Villa}

And now, the Etsy finds!

(Hover over an image to find a more detailed description, as well as where to find the item on Etsy):

libertyworkshop on Etsy - LOVE

everydaygrace on Etsy - Lovebirds, set of 10


2 AAliciaAccessories on Etsy - Small Blossom Corsage Brooch


2 Idh13 on Etsy - "Katherine Heigl" Necklace


3 RevisionDesignAus on Etsy - Bloomers Bumble Bee hair fascinator

RevisionDesignAus on Etsy - Bloomers Bumble Bee hair fascinator 2

cutthecakedesigns on Etsy - Wedding Guest Book Box and Sign

JennaBelleDesigns on Etsy - Holly Clutch

VevaSteva on Etsy - Gray and Yellow - Layered Wedding Invitation


Love this board from VevaSteva, by the way!

VevaSteva on Etsy - Gray and Yellow - Layered Wedding Invitation Inspiration


ericacavanagh on Etsy - yellow shoe clips!

DingbatPress on Etsy - Modern Aspen, Letterpress Enclosures, Place Cards


BeanSproutStudio on Etsy - Fluer Monogram Wedding Invitation Set


peppermintcloud on Etsy - Sunshine on a Grey Day Boutonniere


pspapergoods on Etsy - Daffodil Wedding Invitation Set

Love all of this...