NEW BHLDN DRESSES + IF I CAN BE HONEST, I HATE YOUR SELFIE. | Motherhood, Selfie Hate and Some Dresses I’d Actually Wear.

Hey guys me again.


I’m taking a vibrator (it’s mini) on a plane today, wish me luck.  I don’t know if it’s legal or not but I’m gonna find out the hard way.

Ok.  Honesty time.

Ever since I became a mom, every time I see a fellow mom on instagram post an exceedingly staged, attractive *look, i’ve got my shit together* selfie, I have to remind myself that there was probably about an hour of prep that went into that, with the makeup and the hair and the wardrobe selection and the kids not cooperating the whole time and how it was probably the best take out of like 100 takes, and that the worst of the takes probably sent the mom into a bit of a depression spiral.  It makes me feel better when it’s day three of not having showered and the bedsheets need changing.

Is that bad?

Instagram both inspires me and makes me want to {Continue reading…}

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MY NEW FAVE DRESSES + MOMMY TALK | The truth about having a baby. Plus, Lhuillier’s Bliss Collection means affordable Lhuillier!

This post is about Monique Lhuillier’s Bliss collection but I have to talk about life as a new mom first.  Also, baby pics :)


So.  I’ve been raising this infant I made for a total of eight weeks now, and it’s been interesting.  Well not interesting.  My days consist of feeding, burping, holding and putting to bed a ten pound lump of flesh formed by bringing my bowels to a halt for ten months.  (I was so constipated I could barely walk.)  And because of the sleep deprivation I feel weirdly high at all times but not in a good ‘I’m floating’ way, in a ‘I shouldn’t be driving right now’ way.  But I love her, I do.  So much.  So much it hurts.  It HURTS. how much I love her.  (And this coming from someone who never really planned on having children.)  If you’re a parent or were like really instrumental in raising your younger sibling cause your parents weren’t around much (it happens) then you know what I mean.  There’s really nothing like those little moments with your tiny.  Like her first ‘social smile’.  Or those first coos.  Or when she finally falls asleep in your arms so you can put her the fuck down and get some work done.  Really it’s amazing.

A couple of pics of my cheeky little Miss O to start things off…  {Continue reading…}

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I’M PREGNANT… + PRETTY SHEER, LACE DRESSES | Claire Pettibone’s Romantique Collection + No, Seriously, I’m Pushing a Baby Out My Vag Soon. (Even Though My Doctor Wants Me To Have a C-Section.)


Hey everyone!

So Wednesday I went to Claire Pettibone‘s runway show for her new Romantique collection.  I bout died.



But before I get into it– remember this?  Well I want to expand on that news I sort of nonchalantly dropped in the title.  I am like a zillion months pregnant.  Just thought I’d tell you?  Sorry that I’m just now getting up the balls to announce it.  I’m {Continue reading…}

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FASHION + GIRL TALK | 15 Ways Models Are Just Like Us…

View More:

Every night before I drift off to sleep, I either voluntarily or involuntarily participate in what I call my pre-slumber worryfest.  It’s very simple; instead of sleeping, I worry about shit.   {Continue reading…}

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DEAR TKB: “I Think I Need More Sex Than My Partner… What Do I Do?” PLUS: Royal Baby News (UPDATED) & Would You Wear This Sheer Wedding Dress? | NSFW

Clearly I have a lot to talk about.


Today’s letter for our Dear TKB advice column is the first I’ve received of its kind, but the issue the reader is facing is turning out to be a lot more common than I think we as a culture realize.  Friends of ours have gone through it.  I’ve been through it myself in the past.  Lots of taboo around it but there shouldn’t be!

Obvs. the goal with these posts is to have some real conversation about stuff that’s otherwise difficult to talk about, for some.  I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and advice, if you have any you’re willing to offer!

Ok now,  {Continue reading…}

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GLITTERY + SUCCULENT STYLED ELOPEMENT | Rustic Plaid Wedding Inspiration by Studio 516 Photography… Plus: How I Feel About That “Vine” App.

^^ what in the F.  this is F-ing gorgeous.  i have ascended into heaven >> {Continue reading…}

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The 3 Reasons You Love Ryan Gosling, and the Dresses You Should Wear When You Get Saved By Him.

Oh, is it Friday already?  Wow.  Ok, first things first……. shout out to my pops, whose bday is today.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  I love you like a daughter. ;)  You really are the best.

Ok, so this morning I saw something PRETTY FUTHER MUCKING INCREDIBLE.

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FINDING THE DRESS | “Engaged in December, planning a September wedding… I thought this was completely reasonable.” | By Jessica, Real Bride Bloggista

Happy Monday afternoon, my dears!  It’s good to have you back, tucked safely within my loving embrace.  …. only to be dropkicked without warning into Bloggista Jessica’s loving embrace, for today at least.  But don’t worry; she’s very loving, and being a mother already, she has actual real world experience with loving embraces.  High kick, woot!  You’re in good hands. ;)

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RUFFLES, TULLE, LACE, SATIN AND CHIFFON | PRETTIEST DRESSES IN THE LAND 2012 | No, seriously. These are the prettiest ones. [Bridal Market Coverage]

Happy Friday afterno-errr evening, ladies and gentles!  HOLY MOTHER OF HOLYNESS I FINALLY FINISHED THIS POST.  Hey Alison, why don’t you go on a date with photoshop (that’s fancy speak for ‘sit at your desk all day’) and break a hand-holding record with it, without pee breaks or water or other sustenance all in an effort to compile an up-to-snuff list of only your favorite pulls?  Because it’s not like anybody’s anxiously waiting with baited breath to see these dresses or anything.  Really.  Be a perfectionist about it.  It’s cool.  No no, it’s cool, really.

I’m weirding myself out talking to myself in third person.  Going to stop that.  I’m sorry to post these a tad later today than I’d hoped, but I truly hope it was worth the wait :)

Yeah, so you know how I had that little press preview Thursday morning to see Elie Saab/Manuel Mota’s 2012 Collections for Pronovias?  WELL……….. {Continue reading…}

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THE HOT DRESS LIST | Bridal Market, The Short & Long of It. | ONLY My Favorite Wedding Dresses. Plus, my Annoying Things List (it’s short but potent) and Bambino.

Happy Wednesday evening, friendsicles!

So, you may have heard, but Bridal Market has been happening and I am COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED AND NOT EVEN DONE EXPERIENCING IT…

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SHORT DRESS LOVE + DEAR TKB: “I want to wear a shortish dress for my wedding. Good idea or bad idea? And any favorites this season?”

Sometimes Starbucks coffee is a bit bitter, but sometimes Starbucks coffee is the liquified embodiment of the moment of creation/discovery of the essence of all that is bitter in this cold, unforgiving world by the esteemed inventor of bitterness himself, Sir Bitter McBiddingston, IV, Esq.

Uggh.  I’m sitting here, on this shockingly beautiful Monday afternoon, {Continue reading…}

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SEASIDE GLAMOUR + I NEED HER DRESS | fuchsia + mint + white delight | Plus, The Bambeen… and I need a little advice from you guys. Also, holy crap I’ve lost my mind.

Second verse, same as the first.  I have to warn you, yet again, that today’s post got so out of hand I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU.  I’m afraid even to read it over for spelling and punctuation.  I fear my own rampant oddness will get the best of me, like two parallel universes (universi?) colliding.  I’m scared.  Please, hold me.

Yep… happy late afternoon on Friday, friendlies.  Please, BRACE THYSELVES.  {Continue reading…}

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SOUTHERN WEDDING STYLE | lace cake + seersucker suits + the perfect bridesmaids’ dress + generally stellar Southern styling! | Also, men make the strangest requests.


Aright here we go… I believe it was Friday, girls and boys, when we stumbled upon something I believe I will choose never to speak of again on this blog.  Something so hilariously in bad taste, something so phenomenally beyond the pale of what should happen on television, let alone in reality… something so redonkulously redonk, that I – well, simply put, I have very few to no words to speak on it. {Continue reading…}

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WEDDING DRESS OBSESSION | The Force is Strong in You, Elie Saab | You guys, I think I’ll wear one of these dresses to that wedding I’m attending IN HEAVEN.

I think Ashley of The Bachelorette would call this line “as cool as a cucumber.”

Ok, SO, happy Thursday afternoon, loveys!  Hope you’re doing fabulously well.  :)  I happen to have Ellie Goulding on my mind this week, because Honey and I are attending her concert later this month.  MODERATELY EXCITED.  I’ve been keeping it a secret from him, which is kinda weird since I think I’m probably the bigger fan here, but whatever he finally got me to spill the beans on the *mystery thing* we’re doing in late July {Continue reading…}

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PRETTIES + FUNNIES | I’m headed to Laguna for a wedding, but not before I share my FAVE GOWN EVER.

Hello and welcome to Friday, friendlies!  As many of you already know, yours truly is heading out to Laguna Beach for a wedding this weekend (translation: rehearsal dinner Fri, wedding Sat, brunch Sun), so TKB’s on break ’til Monday, at which point your faces will collectively be struck by the loving but firm hands of our ridiculously talented guest bloggers.  They are moderately dope, so methinks you will LOVE.  Heck, you’ll probably become regular readers of their blogs, if you aren’t already.  I love it when that happens. :)

Anywho, yeah I did say we’re on break ’til Monday, but I seem to still be writing a post here.  Interesting.  Ok, here’s what I’m gonna do {Continue reading…}

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VERA WANG PRIVATE PEEK + WTF, ASHLEY? | I like pretty dresses. I don’t like girls who beg boys to date them.

Sigh.  Hoowwwww to start off today’s post.  I am going to be slamming Vera Wang dresses into your faces, today-style – as in, in this post – but here’s what I’ve been struggling with all morning and afternoon…

I had considered just skipping all the crappity crap that’s transpired as of late… even as of late last night to be specific.  I reeaaaallllly wanted to just jump into the Vera segment of this post and essentially make it straight Vera.  All Vera, all the time.  Vera, OFF THE BAT. {Continue reading…}

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GLITZY GLAMOROUS DRESS LOVE | Vera Wang Sneak Peek + Memorial Day Weekend + McPuppyPants.

Happy Friday, cuddlywuddlies!  Ok, so I just twitter polled y’all to see if it was even worth it to blog today, given the long weekend, and you guys like totally said yes so I like totally am doing it!

However. {Continue reading…}

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WEDDING DRESS ALTERNATIVE | A stylish way to stay sexy without baring it all… {Plus, Mr. McPuppyPants.}

So, have you heard the news?  A recent study shows that alcohol *improves* memory.  Yeah.  This was beyond shocking to me, and has probably single-handedly placed in the doghouse approx. 100,000 boyfriends who lied about last night to their girlfriends.   {Continue reading…}

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SARAH SEVEN DRESS GIVEAWAY | … Believe it. {Potentially our raddest fashion-focused giveaway ever?}

*This contest is now closed*

THIS IS HAPPENING. {Continue reading…}

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FASHION IMPOSSIBLE | FOUND IT! | A David’s Bridal gown I’d wear + bridesmaid pairings in grey/neutral tones

So, our little Pixel & Hank giveaway got off with a bang yesterday, and we seriously can’t wait to see who wins next week!  I love giveaways that give you your pick of whatever you want in a store.  Seriously, aren’t they just the best?  We all have specific taste, and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.  So, you get to pick.  Yeehaw!  Awesomesauce.

Moving right along – I’m pretty freakin’ excited about today, and I think you might have a clue as to why.  Can you guess?  I probably gave it away in the title, actually yeah I definitely gave it away in the title, so forget it.  No points for guessing, it’s obvs.  It’s time for yet another installment of one of our favorite series on TKB… {Continue reading…}

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REAL WEDDING {Part 2} | Jennifer + André | Elegant Sparkle… not to mention amazing Valentine’s Day wedding inspiration… Plus, the winner of our LuLu*s giveaway!

I’m so excited to share the second half of this AMAZEBALLS wedding, but first…

The winner of the $100 shopping spree at LuLu*s is… {Continue reading…}

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{#2} FONT FAVORITE + DRESS LOVE | Edition 02 | In love with Strangelove and Alberta Ferretti…

SO!  Quick story:

{Continue reading…}

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