SHOOT DETAILS THAT GET YOU PUBLISHED | Sweet treats, piglets, picnics, quilts, bunting, confetti icing… | Plus, Our Giveaway Winner! Oh and Bambino, obvs.

Ok so things may or may not have gotten a little out of control with this post, so I’m warning you up front.  Crazy ahead.  ……. yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaah.

By the way (did I just start off a blog post with “by the way?”) all day I’ve been blogging to the “tap tap tappity tap” of certain a/c units dripping ad nauseum onto other, lower a/c units jutting out from the apartments beneath them.  So, let it be known… this is how I roll.  But, my rolling aside, HAPPY LATE AFTERNOON ON THURSDAY, friendlies!  How goes it?  Well?  Not well?  I hope well.  That would suck if it was the latter.  Maybe the Bambino will do the trick, that is, if you are one of those at the mercy of the latter.  What in the EFF am I even talking about right now.  Enough.  Let’s start over.

I have sort of a smörgåsbord of “stuff” for you this afternoon, and I’ve been putting it together all day, ’cause you know I likes to takes my times with my bloggins, n such.  It’s weird; every single day all I want out of these blog posts is to make you guys smile… aaaaaand I’m starting to ramble again.  Yeeesh.  Ok I have one little *realization* to address right quick, and then some NEWS many of you have been awaiting, and THEN a shoot that shows you exactly what it involves to *get published* on a blog like this one.  Hint: it’s all in the details, details, details.  Ok…. now, about that realization thingamajig… {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...

FORTUNE COOKIE PINATA WEDDING? + SARAH SEVEN WINNER | Enge + AJ | Ohhhhh goodness I loves this post.

First things first: OMGOD, I’m so glad the naming ceremony went over well with you guys yesterday.  Because I was seriously scurrrred.  And I ain’t never scurrrred, like so many rap stars, so, yeah, THANKS FOR LIKING IT.  And by the way, we kept the “McPuppyPants” part for you guys. :)  I’ve been using it for so long on here that approximately a lot of you became pretty attached to it!  So that’s for you, ’cause you rule.  Tee hee.

Ok, now listen up… sometimes, a wedding comes along that speaks to the very essence of what you believe in when it comes to celebrations of love on a grand scale.  Actually that’s wrong; sometimes should be “all the time,” because that’s how I feel about every dang wedding that finds its way to the front page of TKB.  But I’m singling this bambino (tee hee) out, because Matt sent it over based on a mutual love of pinatas and fun, which he discovered after reading this little old post.  Random?  Right now, to you, that sounds random.  No doubt.  But you’ll catch my drift in a few. {Continue reading…}

Love all of this...